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Every Detail Counts

Over the years, VOX has changed from a single-window tiny player to the most popular alternative music player for Mac. Still, its principles stayed the same: simplicity, power & functionality. When we decided to create a new version of VOX, we wanted to make it even more simple but keep all the essential things that users love most. There are obvious changes, like a flattened design. There are more subtle changes like icons, enhanced collections management and preferences. The more you use VOX, the more you'll notice.

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Mac music player for FLAC, CUE, APE, WMA, M4A 24/192 name VOX for OS X
VOX for Mac designed in a different way

Up To 4x Deeper Sound Resolution

The Mac computer is much more powerful than a mobile device and we've used 101% of its potential developing VOX's Audio Engine. Apart from the common formats like FLAC, MP3, CUE, APE & M4A – you can playback HiRes Audio (HD Audio) with up to 24bit/192kHz. which is 4 times more than the standard 44kHz sound resolution. 5.1 Multichannel audio playback is also available for the most sophisticated experience.

VOX can play HiRes (or HD) audio on Mac up to 24/192 (24bit / 192kHz) flac, mp3, ape, cue, wav, mp3, m4a, ogg

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VOX can playback lossless nad HiRes (or HD audio) audio up to 24/192
VOX Hi-Fi Sound Quality

Sophisticated Music Management & Infinite Storage

Imagine a place where you can safely move, store and manage your entire iTunes library along with all of your FLAC, MP3 and HiRes music from all external HDDs… in their original quality (without transcoding or quality loss) AND access it on an iPhone, Macbook and Mac… All your music. In full quality. At any time. With LOOP for VOX — this dream is a reality. LOOP is now available exclusively for VOX on Mac & iPhone. Check it out for free today by simply downloading the latest VOX for Mac update and activating your LOOP.

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LOOP is personal music management and infinite storage features unlimited cache and disk space
LOOP for VOX sets the bar for personal music management