#1 Music Player For Mac Goes iPhone

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Designing The Perfect Music Player For You

The main principle behind VOX for iPhone is our focus on user needs. It's the culmination of more than a year of research on what users are looking for in their perfect mobile music app. We've reviewed every aspect of music player interaction patterns and only kept the essentials. Flattened design, use of translucency, streamlined interface all allows users to focus on the listening experience. Or, easy and intuitive ways to listen on the go with 'Play Next' queue and seamless SoundCloud integration . Every element is exactly where it belongs.

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VOX player for flac mp3 - alternative to iTunes awesomely designed UI
VOX for iPhone Stunning Interface

Hear Every Tiny Detail

Sound quality on iPhone is a huge barrier for software and hardware. The VOX Audio Engine is built with enhanced BASS technology to deliver maximum output on iPhone's embedded DAC. It enables the flawless playback of popular audio formats like FLAC, APE, WMA & CUE, which are not supported by iTunes natively.

VOX supported audio formats - flac, mp3, ape, cue, wav, mp3, m4a, ogg

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VOX can playback lossless nad HiRes (or HD audio) audio up to 24/192
VOX Hi-Fi Sound Quality

LOOP — For Those Who Won't Accept Compromises

LOOP. It's an entirely new and sophisticated way to manage your music library. It has it all: your entire lossless (FLAC & HiRes) and lossy (MP3) music library in a safe place that's accessible on multiple devices, with infinite space and full quality playback. LOOP is embedded into VOX Player for iPhone & Mac. We truly believe with LOOP, we are setting the bar for the next generation of personal music management.

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LOOP is personal music management and infinite storage features unlimited cache and disk space
LOOP for VOX sets the bar for personal music management